2 days dicovering ticino waters

2010-09-15 11.04.57

I've spent the last two days diving with Lukas from Wallis. When he contacted me he asked for 4 dives that where worthed and that would show him different aspects of diving in Ticino. So I Proposed him 1 mountain lake (Lago Scuro), 2 rivers (Maggia and Verzasca) and a tech dive on a wreck in the lago maggiore.

3 dives a day...

Today, a group of 8 friends (Roland, Claudia, Simone, Patrick, Peter, Heiko, Anne and Manuel) arrived in Lavertezzo in the early morning for a day of diving. Yesterday evening we had decided to go for two dives (Ponte dei salti e Misura), BBQ and 3rd dive in Pozzo Posse. The day started with a longish briefing from my side, and the decision of how to split the group. My group when first and Sarah's (DM) group followed shortly thereafter. The visibility was not too bad but not the best either since it had been raining heavily on Wednesday.

International crew in Verzasca

Today I guided four super divers in the Verzasca... official language of the day... english since the group was a mix from Germany, Australia and Ecuador... Sooo cool, Verzasca is becoming worldwide famous :)

Tropics in Ticino ;)

Very hot day today in the Verzasca, so that a guest of mine did two 40 min dives in the river using just a 3mm wetsuit... wow!
What a Great Day :)

Nitrox Course with Fabrice and Sophie From Geneva

Today and yesterday I took Fabrice and Sophie from Geneva diving in the Maggia (Tegna & Ponte Brolla) and the Verzasca (Ponte dei Salti and Misura).
All went so smoothly during the first that we decided to try a new spot... awesome, a bit sporty to get down to the river and some hard walking (almost canyoning) at half dive made the dive even more fun ;)