3 dives a day...

Today, a group of 8 friends (Roland, Claudia, Simone, Patrick, Peter, Heiko, Anne and Manuel) arrived in Lavertezzo in the early morning for a day of diving. Yesterday evening we had decided to go for two dives (Ponte dei salti e Misura), BBQ and 3rd dive in Pozzo Posse. The day started with a longish briefing from my side, and the decision of how to split the group. My group when first and Sarah's (DM) group followed shortly thereafter. The visibility was not too bad but not the best either since it had been raining heavily on Wednesday. The current (8.7 m3/s) was ok, although in some places you had to work a bit. The second dive went as smoothly and we quickly lit the fire to grill some great meat. As known, when you enjoy, times flies and the sun started setting behind the peaks of the Val Verzasca and we (well, only Anne, Peter and me) moved toward the next dive site, where we had a great dive with a totally different visibility (no direct sunlight means no light-game but better general clarity). A wonderful day... thanks to everybody


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