2 days dicovering ticino waters

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I've spent the last two days diving with Lukas from Wallis. When he contacted me he asked for 4 dives that where worthed and that would show him different aspects of diving in Ticino. So I Proposed him 1 mountain lake (Lago Scuro), 2 rivers (Maggia and Verzasca) and a tech dive on a wreck in the lago maggiore.

The first day we drove all the way to Fusio (at the end of the Valle Maggia - Lavizzara) and then further toward the Lago Sambuco and the Lago Naret. Lago Scuro is a cristal clear lake at around 2200m, the water is around 6°C and the visibility around 20-30m. But the best thing for me is its location, unbelivably beautifull (check the Gallery).

The second dive of the day was in Tegna, by the big beach, the visibility was wonderfull, probably the best I had this summer and we had a great dive with little current. The second day I picked Lukas up in Ascona and we drove to Minusio, te plan calls for a 25 minutes 40m wreck dive with oxygen decompression. Lukas just completed his Advanced Nitrox course and wanted to practice his skills. A we got down to the bottom of the chain I had to fix my reel (the original line that goes to the wreck has snapped some time ago and we planned on replacing it) and then started searching for the boat. After 13 min we finally arrive to the wreck of Scilla, a very nice 15m sailboat. we spend the rest of the bottom time looking at Scilla and then start acending and our deco plan. After 69 min we surface with a big smile, another great dive. In the afternoon ve move to Val Verzasca and finish our "2 days discovery program" with a super dive in Pozzo della Misura. Cool, thanks Lukas for trusting me


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