Season 2012 is HERE!

The winter is almost over, and the snow will start melting soon... well if it stops snowing ;)


Do you want to experience Cristal-clear water with visibility up to 30+ m in the heart of lush green mountains? Maybe you want to discover some hidden gems of Ticino after a refreshing day diving?

Iceberg diving in ticino

When you think Ticino, you think warm weather and river dives, but what about our stunningly beautiful alpine lakes? And what about diving there in early summer when the snow and ice is still there?
Here some pictures and video to see how nice it is up there.
Enjoy and contact me if you are interested.

New pictures 2011

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one swallow doesn't make a summer

Yesterday evening I went for a Tec dive at the Hirondelle (swallow) wreck near Montreux. The dive was great ant the weather even better :) what can a dive and ski instructor wish more?